Curly Delight

A collection of hand made natural hair products made with a  sustainable blend of ingredients to hydrate, strengthen, grow and protect your every strand from roots to ends. 

Why Choose Us ?

What makes our products unique?  Our products handmade  they are made to order so it's not sitting on a shelf for months before it's purchased. We don't compromise quality over cost thats why we have carefully curated all the best hydrants, proteins and nutrients to bring you the best formula to hydrate and fortify. 

Not only are our ingredients locally sourced from natural organic sustainable  sources.  When you look at our products you can pronounce and understand each ingredient and its benefits. 

With your order we can guarantee that our products are never tested on animals, just on friends and family to ensure product greatness. We want to be transparent about the ingredients you put in your hair, we want you to choose us because our products are vegan & made with high quality ingredients you know and love.  

Everyone knows to LOOK great is to FEEL great. Hair is an accessory organ of the skin made to protect. Developing something that both you and your hair can agree on was our main focus. Our natural blend of oils and ingredients work together to help hair strands get stronger, nourished, hydrated, moisturized, to reduce frizz, damage and breakage & ultimately help maintain and increase growth. 

Have you ever tried multiple products & it first works wonders and then your hair kind of gets used to it and suddenly something you swore by no longer works?! Well that's because when introducing a new product your hair becomes receptive to salts, & harmful chemicals but after you try it again your hair starts to reject it. Causing you to think you are having a bad hair day but in fact it's your hair reacting to the poor quality ingredients that's causing it to break becoming brittle and dry. Did you know that 99% of the products on shelf at our favorite stores have 0.001% of the ingredients they advertise? We focused in adding the very best ingredients to make up the best formula for hydration. True love comes from within and we just want you to love your hair the way you love yourself. Thats our core value We believe in full transparency an informed mind makes smarter decisions and we want you to know exactly what goes on in your hair.

We love to support our community although were a small woman and child-owned, operated business we still donate a portion to our favorite charities, I want to stop talking about making the world a better place and actually go out and do something to change it. 

Every small step is a step closer and with your support I can make a difference. I hope you love our products because I'm making them with lots of love.

"Update on the products ☺️ we love it! Been using it for the past two weeks and our hair FEELS great! My son's scalp has improved 100% using the shampoo and conditioner and the rehydration spray. So many products we used in the past would leave his hair with some form of build up and then really bad flakes! Since using your products we have NOT experienced that and his hair stays soft and moisturized!"

Elicia @fifty50mixchix
San Diego, California
I’m loooving my refreshing spray! It’s been a lifesaver ever since I started using it!
Elena @lelemariecreates
Los Angeles, California

I love them because not only do they nourish my hair and make my curls POP they also smell SOOOOO good!! Trust me!

Mommy loves them because they don’t contain harsh ingredients! It’s natural! Organic! Vegan! And HANDMADE! That means there is a lot of love and care that is poured into each product

A'isha @aishanaijabelle
Jersey City, New Jersey

I've been looking for products for my daughters hair for such a long time and 1 am so happy that I found you guys. I use the shampoo and conditioner on wash days and her hair always looks so hydrated and healthy. In between wash days I use the curl refresher and that has made such a huge difference in the tightness of her curls and has made detangling her hair so much easier. My absolute favorite part about all of these products is the smell, it is such a refreshing, gentle fragrance which makes doing my daughters hair that much more fun!

Maryam @mindfullymaryam
Los Angeles, CA

Our Story



Curly Delight was started by a 13yr old fashionista, model, actress and now entrepreneur Haileigh Vasquez and the assistance of her parents. 

 Our hair journey started after years of hair struggles Haileigh experienced extreme dryness trying product after product with no end result. 

After we moved to Los Angeles, her confidence was loss completely, she hated herself, she began to feel ugly after kids made fun of her, for looking "messy" and having "wild bird nest" in her head this took huge toll on her. 

This caused her to struggle still with herself identity, her confidence fell so low her mental and physical appearance took such a toll her &  "wild hair" had no place, no one cared for her actual appearance. She felt powerless and ugly, for a long time she no longer wanted to wear her hair it out or be part of a world she loves so much because she didn't fit the mold.

 She didn't even want to be seen, she just wanted it her hair straighten so she could "blend in" with the other kids so she could be accepted and they wouldn't focus on her hair's shortcomings. Her lively bubbly personality was impacted she felt she was ugly because of dry brittle hair.

 It was during the pandemic in our trip to Dominican Republic (our motherland ) where we met with a family friend who makes her own natural hair products. She saw how the other people accept, their natural beauty,  their hair wasn't a burden or a short coming they are so proud & love to take care of their hair health, which piqued her curiosity in to the world of using natural home grown ingredients to help with hair healing. She decided to try different techniques as a family who homeschooled we decided to take courses in Dominican Republic & after excessive trials we came up with our hydration blend. True love comes from within and we just want you to love your hair the way you love yourself. Thats our core value.

Haileigh is now working on self recovery, self love and with your support she wants to bring awareness to society that beauty comes in different shapes and difference is normal. We are a working progress and we are still pending in making an entry... Thank you for supporting us.